Yokohama Bay

My favourite beach in Oahu, Hawaii

This spectacular beach at Yokohama Bay on the leeward side Oahu is my favourite beach on the entire island. I probably shouldn’t even post about it as I think it should be kept a secret…but how could I not share this little gem with my readers?!

Located at the northern end of the Waianae Coast, at the very end of the highway where the trail to Ka‘ena Point begins, this stunning white sand beach is secluded, tranquil and unspoilt.

Most tourists to the west shore head for the more famous Makaha Beach, a popular surf beach, and rarely go further up the coast. There are no houses and buses don’t run beyond Makaha Beach, so few people ever see this beach.

If you venture to Yokohama Bay, you should walk the trail right to Ka‘ena Point, where you might get to see endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals. But please respect Hawaii’s wildlife and don’t approach them too closely.

Be sure to go prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen (environmentally friendly, of course). A sun hat and a loose-fitting, light coloured shirt or dress may also be beneficial to reflect the sun as there is no shade and after about 9 am, even in winter, and it can get very hot which we found out when we were there!

The Hawaiian name for my favourite beach on Oahu means “the red harbor” in English, due to the huge number of bright red squid that used to be found near the bay’s shore.

Have you heard its Hawaiian name before?

Bonus question: do you know why the bay has a Japanese name?

Reveal its Hawaiian name here

Keawa’ula Beach

Find out why the bay has a Japanese name...

In the early 1900s, Japanese fishermen used to come to the bay to fish, and they gave it the name Yokohama. It eventually stuck. Find out more about Yokohama Bay here.

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