Rescued wild Puma, La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park, Costa Rica

The Puma’s territory ranges from British Columbia in Canada to Patagonia in Argentina/Chile. But this rescued wild puma can be seen at La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park, Costa Rica.

Depending on the length of the stopover at Puerto Limón, on a Panama Canal Cruise, you may or may not have time to visit the park to see this beautiful creature and many other rescued animals.

Or you may get to see one on an Amazon Adventure River Cruise in Peru or a Patagonian hiking adventure. You just never know!

Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao)

This little beauty, the Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao), is best seen in its natural habitat, the tropical forests of Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru and Brazil. It is the national bird of Honduras.

This one was captured on camera on the island of Isla Tortuga off the western coast of Costa Rica.

You might get to see one on a stop during a Panama Canal Cruise or on an Amazon wildlife adventure tour.


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