Why Kaz?

Hi, my name is Karen Coleman and I’m a solo travel specialist helping women experience the world safely, one bucket list destination at a time!

I specialize in authentic, immersive, enriching and safe travel experiences for solo female travellers and small groups (couples, gal pals & multigenerational families). My goal is to help female travellers, especially women 50+ who are either single or have a partner who can’t or won’t travel with them, to travel safely, check off one bucket list destination at a time, and create memories that last a lifetime.

I’m also a Destination Specialist for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Peru, Saint Lucia, St Kitts, Canary Isles, Iceland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Visegrád Four (Central Europe), Seychelles and Canada. Tell me where in the world you want to go. I’ll do the research, the planning, the booking and the customer care. You do the experiencing!

Unique Travel Experiences

My goal is to create unique authentic, immersive and enriching travel experiences for adventure-seeking solo female travellers and small groups, including couples, multi-generational family groups (mother, daughter, granddaughter), gal pals and special interest groups, who have a variety of interests from history & culture, food & drink to geology & landscapes, wildlife & nature as well as soft adventure and outdoor activities.

I’ve always had a passion for travel and a curiosity about the world especially geology, natural history, culture, architecture and languages. If I could travel all the time, exploring different destinations around the globe, I’d be a happy camper (so to speak). At around age 15, I wanted to be a travel agent and that dream never went away. After 4 decades, I am finally pursuing my passion, and I’m now helping clients create travel experiences and lasting memories.

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, with a group of gal pals or other female family members, I know that, as a female traveller, you’re looking for authentic, immersive and enriching travel experiences to bucket list destinations as well as safe travel options. So I am offering a selection of custom curated and specialized Women Only Tours that will enable you to travel safely in the company of other like-minded women.

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures

Create Lasting Memories

If, like me, you’re in the second half of your life, you may be thinking it’s time to stop dreaming about your bucket list of destinations and time to start checking them off before it’s too late. But what if you don’t have a travel companion? It’s my goal to help women 50+ who want to experience the world, especially female solo travellers, make their travel dreams a reality. If this is you, I can help you create lasting memories by providing you with authentic, immersive and enriching travel experiences, so you can check off your bucket list one destination at a time.

No Destination is out of reach

While it may seem that destinations like Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Iceland are out of reach, both in cost and distance, it’s not always the case. They are often easier to get to than you think and can actually be quite affordable if you plan your trip in advance and make the right choices.

Selecting the right accommodation, pre-booking transportation, excursions and even restaurants, as well as creating a savings plan, will help you keep costs down and ensure you don’t go over your budget. As your travel advisor, through my affiliation with Travel Professionals International and my Virtuoso membership, I can make recommendations to match both your wish-list and your pocket book, as well as provide you with the best value for your money, and even include some extra perks you may not have thought of. You can even pay for future trips in installment to make paying for your investment easier.

Also, if you choose to travel with a small group, whether as a solo-traveller on an escorted group tour, as a family group on a rail trip or cruise, or with a group of friends on a road trip or safari, the cost of your trip becomes more affordable.

I can even help you book your own private group tour tailored for you and your travel bubble. I‘ll help you choose an off-the-rack or customized itinerary at your desired destination, book your pre- and post-tour accommodations, transportations, and additional excursions and activities to truly tailor your trip to your requirements.





Specializing in Destinations You Want to Experience

While my focus is primarily solo female travellers, I specialize in destinations that many people want to experience for the first time or on special occasions. Whether you're single, married, about to get married or you've been together forever, if you're looking for a unique travel experience, I'm glad to help you with your travel plans too. Read the below testimonial to see how being an Iceland Destination Specialist meant I was able to help create an immersive experience for a couple on their honeymoon in Iceland.

Karen went out of her way to research lots of interesting things for us to do on our honeymoon to Iceland. She even found out my favourite band was having a concert there and contacted them so I could buy pre-sale tickets! She did a great job finding accommodations and tours that fit with our budget. Karen checked in with us multiple times before, during and after our trip to ensure everything was going as planned. I would definitely recommend Karen as an outstanding travel agent! Thanks again, Karen, for making our honeymoon stress-free and loaded with fun!

Leanne Ziler

Iceland Guided Self-Drive Tour and Reykjavik FIT

Your Destination Specialist for

Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx)

Saint Lucia

St Kitts Agetn Destination Specialist

St Kitts

Machu Picchu, Peru
New Zealand

Why Volcanic Islands?

I love the ocean, beautiful beaches, mountain views and the transformational power of volcanoes. I find volcanic islands that offer all of these breathtaking features even more fascinating, especially as it means I don’t have to travel far once at my destination to experience everything I love during one vacation. Add in unique culture, heritage, wildlife and cuisine, and you have a vacation paradise. As a Destination Specialist focusing on women only travel and volcanic islands, my goal is to help female solo travellers, who share the same love of the ocean, beaches, mountain views and volcanoes as me, experience volcanic island destinations safely. That’s why I have specialized in the above volcanic island, and will be expanding on these as time goes by.

Stop Dreaming…Start Planning!

If any of the above destinations are on your bucket list and you’re 50+ and single or have a partner who can’t or won’t travel with you, then you must get in touch with me to…

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