Why an escorted group tour is an ideal option for female travellers

There are many aspects of an escorted group tour that make it an ideal option for female travellers—especially women looking for immersive and authentic travel experiences—even women who usually prefer to travel solo or who don’t feel the need to travel with a group for safety reasons.

For women who prefer safety in numbers, an escorted group tour is an ideal option.

One of the many reasons why women don’t travel as much as they should, especially women over 50 like me, is because they have no one to travel with for one reason or another. For them, the idea of travelling alone to some parts of the world is, at best, intimidating and, at worst, freaks them out.

If you’re in the same boat, mostly you worry you won’t feel safe travelling alone, especially to exotic destinations half way across the globe where not only don’t you speak the lingo or know the lay of the land, but you’re also not familiar with the culture, traditions and laws, in particular as they apply to women.

While some women, especially the younger generation, will happily throw on a backpack and fearlessly travel solo almost anywhere in the world, often winging their way through most of their trip, that doesn’t feel like an option for you.

If you’re like most women, especially as we get older, you’ll prefer safety in numbers and the security of knowing where you’re going when you reach your destination as well as having safe and comfortable accommodation booked for each night of your trip.

For women who prefer sharing experiences with others, an escorted group tour is an ideal option.

While there are plenty of countries that are safe to travel solo, and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to visit some on my own, the thought of travelling alone isn’t necessarily as appealing as travelling with someone who shares the same interests. Sharing the experience with someone else, comparing notes and photos during and after the trip is much more exciting than experiencing the adventure alone.

If you love the camaraderie of a group of friends, travelling solo is most likely less appealing. Who will you talk to or share the joys of your experience with if you travel solo? Although you may have the opportunity to meet new people on your travels, there are not nearly as many solo female travellers over 50 as there are in their twenties. Not only that, how can you be sure the people you meet and choose to travel with are safe? You’ve heard stories, right?

Even for introverts, an escorted group tour is a great option.

But what if you’re an introvert? I know, right? Many introverts don’t like large groups often preferring their own company. For  you travelling solo may seem more preferable to travelling with a group of people you don’t know, especially a mixed group of adults. But, just because you’re travelling in a group, doesn’t mean you have to spend time with the entire group. You don’t even have to share a room with anyone if you don’t want to. However, at least you have safety in numbers and, you never know, there’s always the chance you connect with someone in the group with similar interests to yours or who’s just as introverted as you.

Read more to find out why an escorted tour might be an ideal option for you.

What makes an escorted group tour an ideal option for female travellers like you?

Escorted tours provide authentic, immersive and enriching experiences

More and more, travellers, especially women over 50, are looking for truly immersive and authentic experiences that educate and enrich their lives. As we get older and after the kids have flown the nest, taking time off work is no longer about heading to the beach to top up our tans, or family trips to Disney or camping by the local lake. Travel is about experiencing the world, learning about new and different cultures, enriching other people’s lives as well as our own, especially when it comes to bucket list destinations. Escorted group tours are designed to provide authentic, immersive and enriching travel experiences which makes them ideal for female travellers who are looking for that type of experience.

Escorted tours are available on all continents all year round

There are a number of awesome tour companies that specialize in immersive and authentic escorted group tours throughout the year on most, if not all continents. Take a look at their websites or browse their brochures, and you’ll probably find an itinerary for almost every country you have on your bucket list. So, no matter when and where you want to travel, you’re sure to find an escorted group tour at a destination you’re interested in experiencing.

Escorted tours use local knowledge and expertise

If you travel with a reputable tour operator (which of course I can help you find), their tour managers or tour hosts generally have extensive travel experience and work together with local guides who are highly knowledgeable about each destination you’ll visit. This means they can provide you with the most authentic and immersive experience possible, and guide you to hidden gems most tourists would not know about, as well as ensure your travel is safer than navigating unfamiliar areas alone. Not only that, but they also know the local customs, traditions and laws, and can ensure you don’t offend the locals or break the law.

So many tour options and itineraries to choose from

Most tour companies offer a variety of escorted tour itineraries to cater to different interests, travel styles, fitness levels, age-groups, comfort levels and budgets. Itineraries are usually designed to include a mixture of activities, adventures, sight-seeing opportunities and cultural experiences to provide a fully-immersive and authentic experience throughout the trip. Many cater to special interests and even special events, so you’re sure to find the type of experience you’re looking for.

So, what do you think? Is an escorted group tour for you?

An escorted group tour may not be necessary in all travel situations, particularly in countries that are safe for solo female travellers. However, if you’re afraid to travel alone in exotic destinations with completely different cultures, customs and laws and you’re looking for a safer alternative, or travelling solo does not appeal to you because you like to meet new people with similar interests or you prefer to share your experience with others, then an escorted group tour is an ideal option for you. Read more reasons why to travel on a group tour.



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