Where In the World?

Do you know where in the world these pancake rocks are located?

The country in which these unusual pancake-shaped rock formations are located is on many people’s travel bucket lists, including my own. Maybe it’s on yours too! But if you’re unfamiliar with this popular tourist attraction, known as the Pancake Rocks, and want to know where they’re located, check out the clues below.

First clue

You will find these spectucular pancake-shaped rock formations at the south end of one of this country’s many national parks.

Second clue

In addition to a landscape of pancake-shaped limestone rocks, when you stroll along the short paved walkway to visit this unusual coastal phenomenon, you’ll aslo find blowholes and surge pools.

Third clue

The Pancake Rocks are situated on the west coast of this sparsely inhabited island, the largest of three main islands that make up this antipodean country.

Fourth clue

The Pancake Rocks are located at Dolomite Point in Paparoa National Park near the small community of Punakaiki, between Greymouth and Westport.

Reveal Answer

The Pancake Rocks are located on the West Cost of South Island, New Zealand.

Did you work it out from the clues above?

Want to know how the Pancake Rocks were formed?

If you visit this website, you can learn how this stunning landform was formed.

Watch Video to learn more about the Pancake Rocks

This stunning and unusual landform is just one of the many amazing reasons to visit this diverse and unique country, where breathtaking landscapes and natural phenomena abound.

Is it any wonder that this site is one of the most visited attractions on the West Coast of this country?

The Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki, New Zealand
Pancake Rock Formations, Punakaiki, New Zealand

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