What inspires you to travel?

Do you have a bucket list of destinations you’ve always wanted to visit? Does the list keep growing because you keep adding to the list? Why do you keep adding new destinations? And what is it about a destination that actually inspires you to travel?

Ever since I can remember, my dream has been to travel the world. I’ve always wanted to experience different places, visit ancient sites I’d read about at school, explore incredible landscapes, learn about the history and culture of different countries. Somehow my life took a different path and, although I’ve travelled quite a bit, my bucket list keeps growing.

I love volcanic landscapes, mountains, rugged coastlines and waterfalls, hence my love of Hawaii (✔️), Tenerife (✔️) and Iceland (next). I also love ancient architecture and historical buildings, so Spain (✔️), France (✔️) and Italy (which also has volcanoes) have my heart too.

When I visited Tunisia in my 30s, I loved exploring and learning about the dryland topography (yardangs, salt pans and desert sands), but meeting the locals and learning about their traditional and innovative way of life in such an arid environment was truly fascinating.

And when I’ve vacationed in Cuba, although I went for the sun, sea and to get away from it all on my first visit, it was the warm, friendly, vibrant people that drew me to visit a second time.

So many things inspire me to travel. What inspires you to travel? And where in the world is your ideal destination?


Let’s see what inspires you to travel and where in the world your ideal destination would be.


Does the history of a destination inspire you to travel?

Corfu Greece

If you love visiting ancient sites and learning about the history of a destination, then knowing that there is an abundance of historical architecture in a destination is likely to inspire you to choose that one over one that is more contemporary.

Many countries in Europe, such as Italy, Spain, France and the Czech Republic would be ideal destinations for you. However, if you also love trying different types of foods, then this destination, with 18 UNESCO World Heritage listed sites, is probably your ideal destination.

Corfu Greece
Aboriginal guide shows and explains the rock art to 2 women rock art NT Australia


Are you looking for cultural experiences when you travel?

Aboriginal guide shows and explains the rock art to 2 women rock art NT Australia

If you love meeting new people when you travel, and learning about their different traditions, customs and way of life fascinates you, then a country where you can immerse yourself in its culture probably inspires you to travel.

While you may not think of this “young” country as having a lot of “culture”, it actually has the oldest living culture in the world. It also has a very contemporary culture, including a vibrant art scene, so you get the best of both worlds.

Aboriginal experiences are a must here, and you can find them all over the country: from the coastal fringes and islands to the largest urban centres, from the lush tropical rainforests to the dry deserted outback.


Are you an avid bird-watcher or wildlife photographer?

Green Honeycreeper

If you love getting out in nature, seeing wildlife in its natural habitat or spotting exotic birds, then destinations with an abundance of untouched wilderness, such as Africa, are bound to inspire you to pack your bags.

However, if you love to hike in nature, there’s an ideal destination a little closer to home, in Central America. This country has five percent of the world’s biodiversity with 26 percent of its territory protected for conservation, including 29 National Parks, 58 wildlife refuges.

With over 900 bird species including the Green Honeycreeper (pictured), you’ll especially be inspired to travel to this destination if you’re an avid bird watcher too.

Green Honeycreeper
Enticing Douro River Cruise Onboard


Do culinary and wine tasting experiences inspire you to travel?

Enticing Douro River Cruise Onboard

Most of us love to eat and drink on vacation, but if the thought of trying new foods and wines while exploring excites you, a destination where you can have several culinary and wine tasting experiences will definitely get your travel juices flowing.

If you also like all-inclusive vacations but also want to visit multiple cities and/or countries, but don’t want to pack and unpack several times during your trip, then a wine-themed river cruise in one of these European destinations would be ideal for you. In fact, if you have been saving up your vacation days, you could visit them all!


Do you want nothing more than to relax and rejuvenate?

Saint Lucia

If you love nothing more than to relax and rejuvenate on vacation, then a destination where you can experience wellness activities will definitely inspire you to pack your bathing suit.

While most people may think of this volcanic island in the Caribbean as being a destination for romantic getaways, and don’t get me wrong, it is (weddings, honeymoons and anniversary are very popular here), it’s also an ideal location for some relaxation and pampering, for both solo travellers and groups.

If you also love to get out in nature, hiking biking and/or zip-lining, love Caribbean food and culinary experiences (especially chocolate, which is also used for health and wellness), then this country, the only one named after a woman, will definitely inspire you to plan your next trip.

Saint Lucia
Maui Tropical Plantation Hawaii


Is your ideal vacation full of adventurous activities?

Maui Tropical Plantation Hawaii

If your dream vacation is full of active adventures, such as hiking to waterfalls or along a volcanic trail, sea or river kayaking, snorkelling among the corals or stand up paddle boarding, I know the ideal destination for you.

If you’re a thrill seeker, and high-paced activities, such as hiking sheer coastal cliffs, zip lining through tropical forests, white water rafting or surfing the ocean waves are what you enjoy most on vacation, then this destination is perfect for you. Even if you prefer slower-paced activities such as gentle coastal board walks, strolls along beautiful white sand beaches, or watching the sun rise or sun set over the ocean, then this destination is a must for your bucket list too.

While many may think of it as a wedding destination, whether you like soft adventure, adrenaline pumping adventures or something in between, the destination I have in mind for you has something for everyone, including many of the above attractions (food, nature, wellness, culture).


Does knowing that a destination is safe inspire you to visit?

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland

If you’re a solo female traveller, safety is probably top of your priority list when it comes to choosing a destination to visit.

If it’s your first time travelling abroad and/or if you’re new to travelling independently (i.e. you normally travel with your partner, family or as part of a group), I’m sure your safety is top of your mind. If you’re not sure which countries are safe to explore as a solo female traveller, I have compiled a list of the top 12 safest countries in the world here.

At the top of the list is a country that will definitely inspire you to travel (unless all you prefer to sun bathe on a tropical beach). While you won’t do much sun bathing (although it is possible in the height of summer), you’ll have ample opportunity for bathing in geothermally heated baths.

This destination is not only one of the safest in the world, it is packed with nature, stunning volcanic landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, as well as warm, friendly people. Its capital city is also one of the best places for night time activities on the weekend (if that’s your thing).

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland
Velika planina, Slovenia


Does sustainability top the list for inspiring you to travel?

Velika planina, Slovenia

If the sustainability practices of a destination inspire you to travel, I have the ideal destination in mind for you. One of the greenest countries, not only in Europe, but the world, this destination thinks green, breathes green and acts green.

The only country with LOVE in its name, it is one of the most sustainable countries in the world. More than a decade ago, it made a pledge to preserve its pristine nature and become active guardians of its natural heritage. Local communities and tourist providers came together to develop a unique sustainable tourism model for the world to follow.

Almost completely landlocked, you’ll find some of the best freshwater lakes and cleanest drinking water in the world. You’ll also find an abundance of accommodations for travellers have been built sustainably and restaurants that serve the freshest (and tastiest) farm to fork food.

This country encourages you to travel by train, bike or on foot and to observe wildlife responsibly while exploring. So, if sustainability inspires you to travel, you should plan to visit this country before others find out about it! (By the way, it’s also one of the safest countries in the world.)


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