Water Lily Harvesting on the Mekong River, Vietnam

Have you ever wanted to go on a Mekong River Cruise?

It’s definitely high on my travel bucket list, not least because you get to experience both Vietnam and Cambodia on the same trip. The Mekong River is the boundary between the two countries.

Being able to see spectacular scenery as the boat navigates the river is an amazing experience but being truly immersed in two cultures that are completely different to ours in Canada is awe-inspiring, enriching and life-changing.

A Mekong River cruise enables you to witness first-hand daily activities and sights such as water lily harvesting, floating markets, fishermen pulling in their daily catch and homes on stilts.

Guided tours and excursions that include  shopping at local markets, riding tut-tuts, learning about crafts such as pottery and about sugar palm production, and visits to paddy fields, enhance your Mekong River Cruise experience still further.

This is just a small glimpse of what you might experience on a Mekong River Cruise as no two cruises are exactly the same, but if you have it on your travel bucket list, I’d love to assist with your travel arrangements!  Get in touch to start planning now.


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