Vinicunca, Rainbow Mountain, Peru

I have always had a fascination for banded rock formations especially ones that have been tilted at various angles due to tectonic plate movements. So when I came across Rainbow Mountain, near Cusco in Peru, a while ago, I put it on my travel bucket list along with Machu Picchu.

This colourful striped mountain in the Peruvian Andes was little known until recently, but it has become a popular destination among adventure seekers, as a search for #rainbowmountain on Instagram will attest to.

It was, and still is hard to get to, requiring a four day trek through the Andes (for hardened trekkers only and/or, dare I say it, the younger generation), or a day-trip that consists of a bumpy 100 km drive from Cusco, 3 hour round-trip hike, and bumpy drive back.

Either way, it’s not for the faint of heart, especially due to the altitude and steepness of the trail, and, if you read this article that I came across in my research for this post, you may decide to just look at the pretty picture instead. ?

Nevertheless, there are many more articles and posts that suggest this place is worth adding to your travel bucket list and it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan of geology, like me.

Just don’t make the trek on or after a rainy/snowy day, be sure to go with a reputable tour guide, acclimatize beforehand, go prepared for a strenuous hike and respect the land on your journey.

If you’d still like to visit Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain) even after reading the other article, you can. Two adventure tours of Peru available through my preferred supplier include a trip to Rainbow Mountain for 18-30-somethings. If, however, like me you’re older than 39 and would like to include Rainbow Mountain on your tour of Peru, contact me to create a custom tour.


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