Travel Styles for Solo Female Travellers

There are many travel styles for solo female travellers to choose from. It really depends on your reason for travelling, your budget, comfort level, interests, preferences and destination. As a travel advisor specializing in solo female travel and private women’s travel groups, my main goal is to help women experience the world safely. This could be through fully independent travel, an escorted group tour, a self-guided road or rail tour, an ocean cruise, river cruise or an all-inclusive resort vacation. Or it could be a combination of any of these travel styles.

Specializing in Solo female travellers 50+

My niche is solo female travellers 50+ mainly because that’s my age group and because, like me, many women my age don’t always have anyone to travel with. My main goal, therefore, is to help solo female travellers like me experience the world safely.

However, I’m happy to help plan travel for women of any age, whether they’re travelling solo, with their partner, family, friend(s) or a special interest group. Nevertheless, the travel styles I tend to offer and the destinations I specialize in focus on giving solo female travellers a sense of security and safety while they’re on vacation.


Arranging a vacation to match your travel style

My role as your travel advisor and travel planner is to plan a vacation that best matches your travel style, whether you’re under or over 50, and/or travelling alone or with travel companions.

Matching your travel style will depend on a number of criteria, such as why you want to travel, where and when you want to travel, who you want to travel with, how long you want to travel and how you want to travel.

Your travel style will also depend on your comfort level, your interests, preferences and what you’d like to see, do and experience at your desired destination, as well as your budget, of course. There are lots of questions to ask before arranging a vacation that best matches your travel styles.

Six travel styles for solo female travellers

Since my niche is solo female travel, I offer six travel styles for solo female travellers: Escorted Group Tours, Fully Independent Tours, Self-Guided Tours, Ocean Cruises, River Cruises, and All-inclusive Vacations or a combination of one or more of these.

Many of these travel styles encompass several other types of travel, such as Luxury Travel, Budget Travel, Urban Adventures, Wildlife Safaris, Wellness Travel, Active Adventures, Marine Travel, Road Trips, Rail Travel and so on.

Matching you with the right travel style

These six travel styles are ideal for solo female travellers as well as women who are travelling with their partner, family, friend(s) or a group of like-minded women. Matching you with the right travel style will depend on the answers you give me to the questions I ask during a travel planning consultation.

But don’t worry. Whatever your travel styles, I can plan and arrange any combination of the above to best match your travel needs, interests and preferences, and if you’re travelling with others, those of your travelling companions too.

Click on each pic to learn more about each travel style.

Fully Independent Tours

Fully Independent Tours

If you’re a somewhat experienced solo traveller and love to discover new things on your own and you feel safe driving or using public transit at your desired destination, then a Fully Independent Tour may be the perfect travel style for you.

Escorted Group Tours

Escorted Group Tours

If it's your first time travelling solo or you're worried about your safety as a solo female traveller at your desired destination, an escorted group tour is possibly the ideal travel style for you.

Self-Guided Tours

Self-Guided Tours

If you are fairly new to solo travel but don't want to travel with a group of strangers, preferring to travel independently and feel safe driving or using public transit at your desired destination(s), but worry you may get lost on your own, a Self Guided Tour maybe the ideal solution.

Ocean Cruises

Ocean Cruises

If you'd like to visit multiple countries but only unpack once, go island hopping without having to fly between islands or see fjords that can only be reached by boat, then an Ocean Cruise may be the ideal travel style for you.

River Cruises

River Cruises

If you're looking for a relaxed and luxurious multi-destination vacation but only want to pack and repack once, a River Cruise might just be the perfect travel style for you.

All-Inclusive Vacations

All-Inclusive Vacations

If like most people, you need to get away from the long, cold Canadian winter and just relax on a beach somewhere without worrying about emptying your wallet in destination, an All-Inclusive Vacation might just be your ideal travel style.

Have a destination in mind but don't know which travel style to choose?

I offer a 15-minute complimentary travel consultation during which I will ask you all sorts of questions to determine all your travel needs, interests and preferences.

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