There are many aspects of an escorted group tour that make it an ideal option for female travellers—especially women looking for immersive and authentic travel experiences—even women who usually prefer to travel solo or who don’t feel the need to travel with a group for safety reasons.
For women who prefer safety in numbers, an escorted group tour is an ideal option.

One of the many reasons why women don’t travel as much as they should, especially women over 50 like me, is because they have no one to travel with for one reason or another. For them, the idea of travelling alone to some parts of the world is, at best, intimidating and, at worst, freaks them out.

If you’re in the same boat, mostly you worry you won’t feel safe travelling alone, especially to exotic destinations half way across the globe where not only don’t you speak the lingo or know the lay of the land, but you’re also not familiar with the culture, traditions and laws, in particular as they apply to women.

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