Custom Face Masks & Other Travel Accessories

Kaz Custom Travel is pleased to offer a selection of custom travel-inspired face masks and other travel accessories* to inspire you to travel again when the time is right. Our exclusive collection of Canadian-made travel accessories includes washable travel masks, knapsacks and hair scrunchies which can be worn or carried during your next vacation. Learn more below.

About our Face Masks and Travel Accessories

Kaz Custom Travel has chosen a selection of travel-inspired high quality 100% cotton fabrics and has partnered with local bandanna and accessories company, Pretty Fetching, to create exclusive, made-to-order, hand-crafted face masks and other travel accessories for our clients and friends who can’t wait to travel again.

Please read the following information about these products below.

General Information
  • All face masks and travel accessories are custom designed and hand-crafted in Canada.
  • Ready-made samples shown in our online store have been custom-made exclusively for Kaz Custom Travel by Pretty Fetching to our specifications.
  • These items are available for sale. However, all other items will be made to order with your choice of style and fabric.
  • When fabrics and ready-made items have sold out, they may appear on our store as samples so you can see the quality of Pretty Fetching’s work and know what is available to order.
  • Since items are made to order, we cannot accept returns on any items purchased.
  • We only use high quality 100% cotton fabrics for the outer and inner layers of each mask, and for our other travel accessories.
  • Our 3D and pleated masks include a 100% polyester interfacing.
  • Other materials such as elastics and ropes will be mixed fibres.
  • We only purchase small quantities of each fabric and only make a few items from each pattern. Therefore, fabrics may sell out quickly.
  • If you find a fabric you like elsewhere and would like a custom order using your own fabric, please ensure it is 100% cotton.
Face Masks
  • No two face masks will be exactly the same and you will not find them on Pretty Fetching’s online store or anywhere else for sale!
  • All face masks are custom hand-crafted using a different section of pattern from each fabric to ensure its uniqueness.
  • We will only make one mask in each style using the same or similar area of fabric to ensure uniqueness.
  • If we have enough fabric, you may be able to choose the specific area of fabric you would like at the front of your mask (provided it has not already been used), although we cannot guarantee an exact match.
  • Should you order more than one mask in the same style and/or fabric, we will use different areas of the fabric for each mask to ensure they are each unique.
  • Please review our Face Mask Disclaimer for other information about our masks.
  • We will only make one knapsack in each fabric to ensure its uniqueness unless the fabric’s pattern allows for more than one design or the same customer orders more than one knapsack.
  • Due to the limited amount of fabric in each pattern, knapsacks will only be available and made to order if we have enough fabric available.
  • Should you wish to purchase more than one knapsack in the same fabric, we recommend you contact us to confirm availability before placing an order.
Hair Scrunchies
  • We will have a selection of custom-made matching Hair Scrunchies available, but most will be made to order.
  • Hair scrunchies will be availble with or without a ribbon, but we only show scrunchies without ribbons.
  • Due to the nature of most fabrics, scrunchies may not show an entire section of pattern/design.
  • Scrunchies may be ordered in higher quantities in the same fabric, and while no two scrunchies will be exactly the same, they may appear similar.
Face Mask Disclaimer
  • All face masks are non-medical washable and reusable. We do not make any medical claims.
  • Face masks are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. Where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, please consult a health care professional. The decision to purchase and wear one of our custom-made face masks by Pretty Fetching’s is solely your own.
  • Please remember that use of face masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. Follow the latest advice from the Government of Canada and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.
  • When you receive your face mask, we recommend washing it before first use.
Note: Our online store is brand new and because each item is custom-made we only show a few items in each style and/or fabric. We will regularly update as new fabrics are purchased and when new items are made.

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