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Karen Coleman is a TICO certified independent Travel Advisor located in Ontario, Canada. You can reach her direct by phone, email or Facebook messenger.

Direct: 1-519-716-6529

Email: karen@KazCustomTravel.ca

Facebook: Facebook.com/KazCustomTravel

TICO Certificate # T776984

Professional Servic eFees

Kaz Custom Travel provides a complimentary 15-minute travel consultation for first-time clients to determine their travel requirements, interests and wish-list. However, after the initial 15 minutes, either a Professional Service Fee, Planning Fee or a Plan-to-Go Fee will be charged, depending on the type of trip and/or number of travel services required.

Research & Booking Fees (Flight Only & Vacation Packages)

A Research & Booking Fee in the amount of CAD $100 will be charged on all flight-only and all-inclusive package bookings. This fee will include services for research, customer care and to ensure best value. The Research & Booking Fee is payable in advance, is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable, and will not be used towards the cost of your booking.

Planning Fees – Research, Consultation and FIT Planning*

Planning Fees will be charged by Kaz Custom Travel for professional services including travel consultations, advice and/or research and planning for custom travel arrangements, including but not limited to, self-guided driving tours, self-guided rail tours, tailor-made or VIP guided tours, private group tours and other complicated FIT arrangements and/or bookings (i.e. where more than one supplier and/or service type is required on the same trip, such as flights, multiple accommodations, transfers, transportation and multiple tours and excursions).*

The minimum Planning Fee is $150, however, it may vary depending on the nature of your travel requirements, number of passengers in your group and duration of your trip. A Planning Fee is payable in advance, is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable, and will not be used towards the cost of your booking unless otherwise stated.

Plan-To-Go Fee*

A Plan-to-Go Fee will be charged for all quotes/bookings for any one-off travel service (excluding flight-only and all-inclusive package vacation bookings), where the client has all the relevant details (e.g. knows the supplier, destination, dates, and/or tour name) but needs a quote before booking, and where the service is not already included in a Planning Fee or a package.

Our minimum Plan-to-Go Fee is CAD $50 and is payable in advance, is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable, and will not be used towards the cost of your booking unless otherwise stated.

Cancellation & Change Fees

A cancellation fee of CAD $50 per booking will be charged for flight cancellations. A change fee of CAD $25 will be charged per change. Cancellation & Change Fees may be charged for other travel services, depending on the status of the individual booking/arrangements. These fees are in addition to any fees and penalties charged by each service provider.

Additional Service Fees

If no booking is made after we have carried out research and/or provided travel quotes and/or options, and another consultation is requested in relation to a new travel date, a new destination or changes to existing travel arrangements (such as flight changes, a different tour, different tour dates, extensions, additional passengers or removal of passengers), where more travel services, research and/or planning is required, an additional service fee may be charged.

*Our private group tours may already have a planning fee included in the price, in which case there will be no additional Planning Fee or Plan-to-Go Fee.

Contact us for your complimentary 15-minute consultation or to request our full Fee Schedule.


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**At the end of your Complimentary 15-minute Consultation, you will be asked to sign a Service Fee Agreement before any research is carried out. The service fee will be based on the information provided via this form and the answers provided during the consultation.

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