Switzerland Travel Expert Certification

I briefly visited Switzerland in January 2019 on my way to Chamonix in France for a family funeral. Ever since, I have added Switzerland to my bucket list of destinations and want to visit again travelling the country extensively by road and rail. Knowing that it not only has a fantastic transportation network that will help me do just that, but is also a safe destination female travellers, I wanted to add Switzerland to my destination specializations so that I can help my female travel clients plan their trip to this spectacular  destination.

After completing the core modules through Switzerland Tourism’s Travel Academy, I was awarded the Switzerland Travel Expert Certificate on April 11th, 2020. Since then, I also completed two additional modules (Road Trip: Grand Tour of Switzerland and Swiss Travel System) which will not only help me plan my own trip, but those of my female travel clients looking for a safe destination to travel solo. I’ll be completing more modules soon and will update the certification.

Switzerland Travel Expert Karen Coleman 2020 certificate
Switzerland Travel Expert Karen Coleman 2020 specializations certificate

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