Helping Women Experience the World Safely & Sustainably one bucket-list adventure at a time.

Specializing in Safe & Sustainable Adventures for Solo Female Travellers by Rail, Road, River, Ocean, on Foot, or however you want to travel.

Hello from the other side! Enjoy some travel Inspiration

Due to the ever fluid COVID situation, we strongly advise that before you book any trip components, you check travel restrictions, health & safety protocols and COVID vaccine/testing requirements for entry into your desired destination(s) as well as for return to Canada. We also highly recommend the purchase of appropriate travel insurance, including COVID related medical & emergency and trip cancellation for any reason.

Kaz Custom Travel specializes in safe, sustainable and tailor-made women only adventure travel to bucket list destinations around the world

Specializing in safe and sustainable adventure travel for inexperienced solo female travellers and women’s travel groups, Kaz Custom Travel’s goal is to help women experience the world safely and sustainably, one bucket list adventure at a time!

Create enriching memories to treasure a lifetime with Kaz’s Professional Travel Services!

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Where in the world will your next adventure take you?

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

On a Caribbean to Pacific Adventure



On a Grand Alpine Road or Rail Tour

Amalfi Coast, Italy


To live like a local on the Amalfi Coast

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

To Relax, Unwind & Explore in Nature

Single woman or with a partner who can’t or won’t travel with you?

Or perhaps you want to take your female partner on a special trip, your daughter/granddaughter on an enriching vacation, or purely getaway from it all with a few of your gals pals?

Is experiencing the world safely and sustainably high on your list of travel priorities?

As a Custom Travel Planner, specializing in women only adventures and with an avid interest in sustainable tourism, my goal is to create tailor-made women-only adventures to help you experience the world safely and sustainably.

Whether you wish to travel solo, or with a friend, your mom, daughter, or a group of gal pals, I will help you plan and arrange everything needed for a truly authentic, enriching and memorable trip.

As the world begins to reopen its borders, I’m arranging a variety of private groups for women only departing 2022, 2023 and 2024. Destinations include Iceland, Hawaii, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, England, France, Costa Rica, and Peru.

If you can’t wait till we can travel again, stop dreaming…

Have you considered what you can do to travel more consciously?

 You’ve probably heard the buzz words “sustainable tourism” or “sustainable travel,” but travelling consciously is more about our own mindset than it is about doing something because it’s a new trend.

If we can all travel more consciously, meaning being more mindful of the impact we make on those destinations we so desperately want to explore, everyone will benefit—the locals, the wildlife, the environment and you, as well as future generations of travellers.

Conscious travel is all about connecting with and supporting local communities, respecting different cultures and individuality, as well as protecting the wildlife and the environment. It’s about making a positive impact when we travel rather than a negative one.

If you’re of the mindset that you’d like to make a more positive impact when you travel and need ideas on how to do so, download my fun infographic on 6 things you can do to travel more consciously.

Bucket List Destinations I Specialize In

Below are four bucket list destinations I specialize in. I have either visited these destinations many times or studied them intensively, and have completed specialist training through the corresponding tourist boards to help my clients plan their once in a life time vacations. Which of these destinations are on your bucket list too? Plan your adventure sooner rather than later and check one more destination off your bucket list!

Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland


Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland




Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii


Off-The-Beaten-Track Destinations to Consider for your Next Adventure



Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland





Abruzzo, Italy

Want to travel around the world checking off one bucket list destination at a time?

It’s never too early to start planning!

We should chat about your options for when you feel comfortable travelling again. With the pent up need to travel again, increased demand for off-the-beaten-track destinations, and travellers using their travel vouchers to rebook travel to some of the most sought after destinations, there will be reduced availability and possibly above usual price increases. With many suppliers offering Book with Confidence policies and late cancellations, it’s worthwhile considering booking now for future travel. Kaz Custom Travel will be only too glad to help research your options.

4 Steps to working with Kaz Custom Travel to plan your next Adventure Around the World

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Discovery Conversation

The first step to working with Kaz Custom Travel is to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation to discuss your travel plans and trip requirements. If you decide to work with me at the end of our discovery conversation, I will let you know how much my planning fee will be based on our discussion.

Step 2

Create a Trip Proposal

Research, Plan, Create

The next step is where I do a ton of research and planning to create a trip itinerary to match your travel needs, interests and desires. I will also make recommendations and suggestions you may not have thought of and iron out all the details until you’re happy with the itinerary.

Step 3

Booking Confirmation

Payment Schedule

Once you are happy with the trip proposal, the next step will be for you to confirm your booking with a deposit payment. We will then create a payment schedule. At this time, it is also recommended that you insure your investment by purchasing travel insurance.

Step 4

Customer Service

Liaise with Suppliers

From the moment you book your trip, we will take care of all your travel details, provide all relevant travel information and documents, and liaise with service providers before, during and after your trip to ensure your experience goes beyond your wildest expectations.

Inspiration from our Blog for When You’re Ready to Travel

France – Around the World from A to Z – F

France – Around the World from A to Z – F

This week’s featured destination is France. In this post I will let the photos do most of the talking. I will however share a few tidbits on a few places worth visiting, including the region of Provence, as well as a few fun facts you may not know about France. I have visited France many times and find it a fascinating country. I have been to some of the places mentioned, but some I have yet to explore. Scroll through the pics to see some of the places worth visiting on a trip to France. Some you may have heard of while others may be totally new to you.

Ecuador – Around the World from A to Z – E

Ecuador – Around the World from A to Z – E

This week’s featured destination is Ecuador. However, I am taking it easy this week so my post will be a lot shorter. When you think of Ecuador, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Galápagos islands. But there’s more to this South American country than the volcanic archipelago made famous by Charles Dariwn. In this brief post, I will highlight just a few places on the mainland worth visiting as well as a few travel tips, fun facts and travel safety.

Dominican Republic – Around the World from A to Z – D

Dominican Republic – Around the World from A to Z – D

This week on our virtual tour Around the World from A-Z is all about the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean island probably doesn’t need an introduction for many Canadians. It has been a popular winter vacation destination for many Canadian snowbirds for a long time. However, for those that don’t know about the DR, or need a little travel inspiration, read on to find out more about this beautiful tropical island and what makes it more than just a beach destination.

Costa Rica – Around the World from A to Z – C

Costa Rica – Around the World from A to Z – C

This week on our virtual tour Around the World from A to Z, it’s all about Costa Rica. This Central American country has been on my bucket list for a while, and I can’t wait until we can travel again to explore its volcanoes, forests, rivers and waterfalls. I’m planning a women only travel group to this lush tropical destination for when we can travel again. In the meantime, here is some inspiration for you.

British Isles – Around the World from A to Z – B

British Isles – Around the World from A to Z – B

This week in our virtual tour Around the World from A to Z, the British Isles is featured. I have already written about Britain on another page, but this week I will also include differences to look out for when driving in the British Isles as well as safety tips for pedestrians, safety tips for solo female travellers. I also highlight some features in my favourite region, plus share six ways you can travel sustainably in the British Isles.

Austria – Around the World from A to Z – A

Austria – Around the World from A to Z – A

Starting with Austria, this year, Kaz Custom Travel will take you on a journey around the world from A to Z, virtually that is, until we can travel again. Throughout 2021, we will feature a different destination around the world corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. We hope to feature one destination a week, but due to time constraints and our work schedule, it may be less often. Our goal is to provide you with some travel inspiration as we share a few titbits about each destination, a few travel tips, fun facts and foodie ideas, as well as safety and sustainable tourism insights, for when we can travel again.

Want to experience the world safely & sustainably, checking off a bucket list destination?

Adventure & Vacation Planning for Couples, Families & Groups

Custom Vacations, Cruises & Tours

Although my main focus is helping solo female travellers experience the world safely, I do also help couples, multi-generational families and groups who are looking for an exciting adventure and/or a special and memorable trip.

Are you a couple wanting to honeymoon in Fiji or celebrate an anniversary in Saint Lucia? Have you always wanted to go on an island hopping adventure in Greece, an inter-island cruise in Hawaii, an adventure by rail through Europe or a cruise along the stunning Mediterranean coast? Maybe a European river cruise along the Danube or a grand tour of Switzerland is more your style?

Perhaps you’re looking for an all-inclusive annual vacation to the Caribbean but somewhere off the beaten track for a change? Have you finally decided to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia and New Zealand? Is hiking the Inca Trail in Peru the next item to check off your bucket list? Or do you want to take your grand kids on an educational adventure with National Geographic? How about a river cruise with Ancestry?

These are just some of the trip ideas I can help you with. As a specialist in a variety of bucket list destinations, no matter what you’re looking for I’d be glad to help you plan your next trip. My goal is to ensure you have everything needed to meet all your travel expectations and more.

Caribbean Luxury All-inclusive

For the couples and families looking for the ultimate in luxury all-inclusive Caribbean vacations, I’m proud to include Sandals (and Beaches by Sandals) as one of my preferred vacation partners.

Why the Sandals Group?

Not only does Sandals offer more quality inclusions than any other resort in the world but all Sandals & Beaches by Sandals resorts participate in the EarthCheck bench-marking and certification program.

The all-inclusive company is committed to providing quality vacation experiences while working to minimize their environmental and social impacts.

Is it any wonder Sandals has been voted the world’s leading all-inclusive company for 23 years? 

What's on your bucket list?

Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru? Biking the Camino de Santiago in Spain? Bush walking in Australia? A rail trip in New Zealand? Island hopping in Hawaii or the Caribbean? A European river cruise or an ocean cruise on the Mediterranean. Sightseeeing in London and a stroll through Royal Parks in England?

Have no one to travel with or want to travel with your  friends or family?

Looking for safe travel options for female travellers?

Whether you're looking for an off the rack  or a tailor-made private group tour, a relaxing stay at a beach resort or spa retreat, a river cruise or a fully-independent trip, Europe, Kaz Custom Travel can help plan, create and arrange everything needed for a travel experience that is truly authentic, immersive and enriching, and provide you with tips, advice and guides to help you experience the world safely!

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