My favourite beach on Molokai, Hawaii

Last week I posted about, Yokohama Bay, my favourite beach on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Today I’m going to tell you about my favourite beach on Molokai.

Those who know me, know I love beaches, and to tell you the truth, I have a few favourites. As I’ve already mentioned, Yokohama Bay is my favourite beach. One of my other favourite Hawaiian beaches is on the small island of Molokai in Maui County, coming in a close second. I probably shouldn’t be posting about it, as I’d like to keep it a secret really.

We came across this stunning beach by chance in January 2014 on a day trip to Molokai that started at dawn and ended at dusk. We flew in from Kahalui Airport, Maui, on a tiny Mokulele airplane, piloted by a trainee or new pilot (can’t remember which, but apparently they fly smaller passenger planes before they’re allowed to pilot the big ones—which makes sense really).

We spent the morning at Kalaupapa Lookout watching the sun rise over the famous isolated former leper colony, walking the trail in Pālā’au State Park and driving to Hālawa Beach Park. After driving back to the only town on the island, Kaunakakai, lunching in a friendly bakery-cum-cafe and chatting to some friendly locals, we drove to the west coast of the island, just 30 minutes away.

We were actually heading for the larger Papohaku Beach Park, which I’d already pin-pointed on the map on my iPad. As we approached the ocean, we followed the coastal road towards Papohaku Beach, but came across a small parking lot by the ocean.

Being curious, I suggested we stopped to take a look. No one else was in the parking lot, so we parked up and walked through a short trail across a sand raidge, to find a secluded beach below.

Immediately, we decided to stay a while, but ended up staying the rest of the afternoon. We never actually made it to Papohaku Beach, which, by the way, is a 2-mile long public beach with facilities that include wash rooms and picnic benches.

Although there are some villas at the other end of “our beach”, which you can just about make out in my photos, we saw no one all day, not until we were packing up our things and were about to leave to catch our evening flight back to Kahalui. A man appeared at the top of the dunes but didn’t stay for long—he just looked at the fabulous view and then left.

I’m reluctant to tell you the name of this beach on Molokai as I’d love for it to stay secluded and unspoilt as possible. Besides, you can’t really swim or snorkel here because the ocean is too rough most of the time—so don’t bring young kids—go to Papohaku Beach instead, where it’s probably just as stunning and is two miles long, so you’re bound to find a quiet spot, especially as Molokai does not have anywhere near as many visitors as the other Hawaiian Islands.

If you want to know the name of my favourite beach, join my Facebook group to find out (or scroll down to reveal the name).

Reveal the name of my favourite beach on Molokai here

Kephui Beach

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