Is Córdoba in Andalucía, Spain on Your Travel Bucket List Yet?

If you love history, culture and architecture, here’s a good reason to put it on your bucket list.

The beautiful architecture of Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba is surely worth adding to your bucket list.

Located in the heart of Córdoba in Andalucía, Spain, it is the first UNESCO World Heritage site (designated in 1984) in this southern Spanish city.

Originally an 8th century mosque, it was converted to a catholic cathedral in the 13th century.

This year, Córdoba became the first city to receive four UNESCO designations, beating Rome. The other 3 are the historic quarter, the Medina Azahara, a 10th century palace fortress (designated in 2018) and La Fiesta de Los Patios, a UNESCO World Heritage event held in May (designated in 2012).

Córdoba is about 2 hours from Malaga, Granada and Seville and, if you love architecture, history and culture, is well worth an overnight stay during a trip to this region of southern Spain.


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