Iceland: a healthy haven you should experience at least once in your life!

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Health & Wellbeing, Iceland

There are many reasons to travel to Iceland, an isolated island in the North Atlantic on the edge of the Arctic Circle. This small European country is renowned for being a land of fire & ice due to its active volcanoes & glaciers, but did you know Iceland is also an ideal destination for health & wellness in nature? That’s right, Iceland is a healthy haven that you should experience at least once in your lifetime, especially if health & well-being is a priority!

Imagine yourself hiking through rugged volcanic terrain. You arrive at a steaming olive-green landscape filled with colourful pools. Picture yourself putting your hand in to feel the temperature of the water, expecting it to be icey cold. You’re ready to pull your hand out quickly. But what a surprise you get when you feel that instead of freezing water, it’s actually warm enough for you to bathe in!

This is exactly the scene you’ll discover on a hike to Reykjadalur, or “Steam Valley”, in Iceland. This veritble healthy haven is just one of the many natural hot springs you can experience when you explore Iceland.

Located just a 30-minute drive from Reykjavík, plus an additional 30 to 60 minutes stunning hike, this gem is an ideal location to visit if you love experiencing health and wellness in nature.

Not only will you have the opportunity to connect with nature but you’ll elevate your health and well-being. Be careful though—some of the pools can be hot…especially the further up you go, where the water temps are even hotter.

Where better than Iceland for a health and wellness adventure?!

The entire country of Iceland is a healthy haven. One of the safest countries on the planet (it’s extremely safe for solo female travellers), Iceland’s sparsely inhabited, rugged volcanic landscape is ideal for connecting with nature and getting away from your everyday stresses.

You’ll discover an abundance of hiking trails, black sand beaches, glacial lakes and rivers. Plus, there are over 10,000 waterfalls, most of which you can get reach on foot to feel their thundering power.

While many people may think Iceland is a cold, inhospitable destination, because of its location on a volcanic hot spot, you’ll find an abundance of geothermally heated pools and spas. You can bathe away your worries and stresses no matter what time of year and choose between pools and spas that are indoors or out in nature and between man-made or natural.

Thermal pools have been enjoyed for both health and pleasure in Iceland ever since it was first settled centuries ago, due to the abundance of volcanic hot springs. With the more recent advent of geothermal energy in Iceland, public bathing has become a tradition and is an intrinsic part of the local culture. You’ll find hundreds of public pools used by locals and tourists alike for both pleasure and health benefits.

In addition to the famous Blue Lagoon, which is actually a man-made thermal lagoon not natural, as you travel around Iceland, you’ll discover many thermally heated natural spas, lagoons and streams, like the ones at Reykjadalur, or “Steam Valley”, scattered around the island. In every town, you’ll find at least one geothermally heated public swimming pool, where both locals and tourists wash away their cares and connect with each other.

Bathing Reykjadalur Valley, a healthy haven in Iceland

Most hotels and many private accommodations in Iceland also include geothermally heated Jacuzzis or hot tubs, so after a long day hiking in nature you can relax and rejuvenate.

If health and well-being is at the top of your list of travel experiences, then you should add the healthy haven of Iceland to your bucket list and plan your next health and wellness adventure. As a Travel Planner who specializes in arranging Women Only Adventures and experiences in destinations such as Iceland, I’d be glad to help. Contact me to start planning or check out my Incredible Iceland Women Only Adventure!


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