Driving in New Zealand – 7 things you should know before you go

If you’re thinking of visiting New Zealand in the near future or you’re already making plans for a trip that involves driving in New Zealand, then there are a few things you need to know before you go.

Whether your plans include a month long journey travelling around the entire country by car or camper van, a self-guided driving tour of either North Island or the South Island, or you’re thinking or renting a car for a few sightseeing trips from Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, there are a few things you should know about driving in New Zealand before you go.

You may not know that there are a few differences between the roads in New Zealand and those here in Canada (and many other parts of the world). There are also a few basic driving rules you need to know before you hit the road.

So, if you’re planning on driving in New Zealand any time soon, watch this handy dandy video by Camper Mate. They share 7 things you should know before you visit New Zealand as well as tips for  driving in New Zealand. If you’re not planning a trip for a while, bookmark this page and save for later.

Is a trip to New Zealand on your Bucket List?

Stop Dreaming… It’s time to turn your dream into reality.

There’s a lot to plan for a trip of a lifetime and, while New Zealand may be on your bucket list, if you’re not familiar with the country and all it has to offer, you’ll need help planning your trip. As a New Zealand Specialist, Kaz Custom Travel has access to insider knowledge, expertise and resources to help you plan, create and arrange everything needed for an experience of a lifetime.


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