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Kaz Custom Travel provides tailor-made Travel Services for women 50+ who wish to travel solo or with like-minded women.
Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive package vacation in the Caribbean, a trek through the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica, a hop-on-hop-off rail trip around Europe or a wilderness Safari in Southern Africa, Kaz Custom Travel will help you plan your vacation every step of the way.

Planning a trip the other side of the world as a first time female solo traveller can be quite a daunting task. Even if you plan to travel with your partner, friend or other female family members, you’ll probably worry whether you’ll be safe while travelling. The goal of our Custom Travel Services is not only to help alleviate all the worry and stress of planning and arranging your trip, but also to help you experience the world safely and sustainably.

If it’s your first time travelling alone, or even if you’ve travelled solo when you were younger, you may be wondering which destinations are safe to visit as a solo female traveller, which travel suppliers offer safe experiences for women, or even which travel style is right for you now. Your preferences, needs and desires may have changed over the years. What you did with your partner and/or your family 10 or 20 years ago may be quite different to what you need, want and prefer now. The world has also changed. Destinations that were once safe to visit are no longer as safe for female travellers, while destinations that weren’t safe 20 years ago are now welcoming visitors.

Organizing everything needed for your vacation, creating a travel itinerary, booking all the travel services, and making sure you have all the appropriate documents can take you several hours, weeks or even months of research and planning. Add to that the sleepless hours you’ll spend worrying about whether you’ll be safe at your destination. That’s why our Custom Travel Services will not only save you time, but they will help alleviate your stress and worry of planning and arranging your trip.

Our Travel Services

Travel Consulting

During our initial discovery conversation (which you can schedule here), I will ask you a few questions about your intended vacation to determine what type of trip you wish to plan, desired destination(s) and dates, who you’re travelling with, your travel budget etc. Once you decide to work with me, we will arrange a follow up consultation.

Follow-up Consultation

This consultation will be your opportunity to let me know all your travel needs, your interests and activities, and anything else you desire for your trip as well as any special preferences. Depending on the type of trip, its duration and the travel services needed, there may be several follow up consultations to gather any additional information and to provide recommendations and suggestions that will help me create a trip you’ll remember a lifetime.

Match Making

Whether you’re looking for an escorted group tour in Peru, a hop-on-hop-off rail trip around Europe or a wilderness Safari in Southern Africa, my role is to match the right suppliers for all components of your trip, including flights, accommodations, transportation, excursions and activities, and even restaurant reservations and VIP tickets to museums and events.


Based on all the information gathered through the trip Planning Form, during consultations and via follow up conversations/emails, as your match maker, I will do all the research to find/determine the travel suppliers that will provide the travel services that best match all your needs, wants and preferences, as well as your trip budget.

Travel Planning

Whether you're travelling solo for the first time, travelling with your partner or friend, or a group of like-minded women, I will research all available options with matching suppliers, design an itinerary tailored to your specific needs, wants and preferences, and plan everything needed to create a memorable trip.

Trip Proposal

Depending on the type and duration of your trip, our travel planning services may include anything from checking availability and pricing of a package vacation to planning all components of a fully independent tour. You'll be provided with a trip proposal and we will review details and make any alterations necessary until you are completely satisfied with the itinerary.

Travel Advising

During every step of the trip planning process, right up to your day of departure, and even during your trip if needed, my role will be to provide you with all relevant travel advice, information and recommendations to help you make the best travel purchasing decisions.

Travel Advice

This will include reviewing trip details, terms and conditions, and insurance policies, as well as travel advisories and requirements for your specific destination(s). We will also provide guidance, advice and tips, including tidbits about the country/region(s) you’ll be visiting, to help you prepare for trip, travel safely and sustainably and have a fantastic time.

Travel Arranging

Once you’ve reviewed the trip proposal and/or travel insurance policy as well as all the relevant information pertaining to your trip, my role is to make all the travel arrangements with the travel suppliers, ensure everything is booked and paid for by the due dates, and that you receive all your travel documents.

Travel Arrangements

This may include creating a payment schedule to meet the supplier’s requirements and/or your budgeting needs, processing payments and invoices and ensuring you receive all your travel documents. It will also include ensuring that all optional excursions, upgrades, amenities and any special requirements you requested are arranged.

Having Your Back

From the moment you hire Kaz Custom Travel to help plan your vacation to well beyond your return to Canada, we will be here to provide a level of customer support that you’ll never receive from an online booking engine. Ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible and having your back if it doesn't, is our utmost priority.

Customer Support

From liaising with suppliers on your behalf before your trip to arrange special requests, extra amenities, and upgrades, purchasing excursions and event ticket, or troubleshooting issues with accommodations, transfers or flights during your vacation, to helping you obtain a refund for a cancelled booking, or assisting you with a travel insurance claim after your trip has ended, we’ll always have your back.

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