Saint Lucia Certifications

Saint Lucia Destination Specialization

Saint Lucia specialization includes completion of the Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx) course through Travel Uni and the Saint Lucia Focus Series course through Travel Agent University as well as continued education through regular webinars held by the Saint Lucia Tourism Board. For my female clients wishing to renew their vows with their long-term partner, about to marry the love of their life or who just want to spend a romantic time away with their partner, I also completed the Saint Lucia Romance Expert program.

Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx)

On January 12th, 2020, I became a certified Saint Lucia Expert (SLEx) after completing he official Saint Lucian training programme.

Fiji Matai Certificate

Saint Lucia Focus Series 2019

Certificate of completion awarded by the Travel Agent University for completing the Saint Lucia Focus Series online course.

Certificate of completion from Travel Agent University for Saint Lucia Focus Series

Saint Lucia Romance Expert

To complement my general knowledge about the island and its history, I completed the Saint Lucia Romance Expert program on November 24, 2020.

Saint Lucia SLEx Romance Certificate


Previous Travel Training Certifications


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