Quark Expeditions Specialist

Quark Expeditions Diploma

I completed the in-depth PolarPro training by Quark Expeditions in March 2022, and became a Quark Expeditions Specialist. This training equips me with the knowledge and resources to help my clients plan their trips to both Polar Regions, including destinations like Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen and Canada’s Arctic in the north, and Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands in the south.

Specializing in Polar expeditions, Quark’s fleet of small expedition ships are able to take clients into areas that other ships are unable to go. Their ships provide clients with an intimate onboard experience, exceptional comfort and service, delicious food, onboard learning & briefings, wildlife viewing stations, exercise and wellness, and a lounge and bar to relax and socialize, and compare notes about each days’ exciting activities.

Quark Expeditions offers unparalleled adventures and life-changing experiences, including zodiac cruising, walking/hiking, mountain biking, alpine kayaking, polar plunges, photography expeditions and camping adventures.Their newest ship, the Ultramarine, is even equipped with two on-board helicopters that enable more guests to experience unplanned, unforgettable adventures in less time than from other vessels. Additional offerings include, flight-seeing and helicopter excursions, heli-hiking, heli-mountain-biking and ice-sheet experiences.

Guided tours, provided by their sister company, Exodus Travels, are also available at most of the destinations visited either as part of a package or as optional extra. You can even combine an expedition cruise with a pre- or post-cruise guided tour at the departure or arrival destinations.


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