California Specialist

California Specialist Certificate

California Specialist Certificate

California has always been one of my favourite states in the US (it was my favourite state until I visited Hawaii in 2013-2014). I have visited San Francisco (including Alcatraz), Sausalito, Muir Woods National Monument Park, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Anaheim and Malibu.

One day I hope to drive the entire coast of California (perhaps it will become my favourite state again), and I knew by completing the Californa Star Agent program through TravPRO, I’d be armed with the training, tools and resources to help my clients plan their own road trip through the Golden State (an ideal extension to their Alaska Cruise out of Seattle).

I completed The California Star Specialist Program On January 9th, 2022, and received the above certificate. In addition to the California Star Core Training, I have also completed additional training modules for Palm Springs, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Monica, Anaheim, Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Santa Barbara and West Hollywood.


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