Your Costa Rica Adventure Awaits

One of the happiest and greenest countries in the world, Costa Rica is also the safest country in Central America and one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Life in Costa Rica is “Pure Vida” and its people take health and safety seriously. From wonderful waterfalls, cerulean cenotes and mystical mountains to beautiful birds and fantastic cloud forests, your Costa Rica adventure awaits.

Located in Central America with lush and diverse terrain, that includes volcanoes, hundreds of miles of coastline, plains, waterways with cenotes, hot springs and waterfalls, as well as its proximity to both the Pacific and the Caribbean, there is tons to do on a Costa Rica adventure, especially for outdoorsy types, nature lovers and thrill seekers.

Warm weather all year means Costa Rica is an ideal destination for year-round adventures. Even its ocean waters are warm enough for swimming and water sports all year long. With its Pure Vida lifestyle, you can relax in one of its many spas and hot springs or enjoy a relaxing day on one of its breathtaking beaches.

Costa Rica is also an industry leader in sustainability and is especially suited for nature lovers looking for sustainable travel experiences.

Your Costa Rica adventure awaits!

Find out more about Costa Rica in this article, or watch the short video below that I created to show you a few of the spots you can visit on a Costa Rica adventure.

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