Windstar Cruises Voyage Collection 2021-2023

On June 19, 2021, Windstar started back in the waters and has had many successful sailings in Greece, Tahiti and the Caribbean since then. In fact, as of August 5th, 2021 50% of their ships are back in the water!!!! And with that, Windstar Cruises’ Voyage Collection for 2021-2023 was published. Browse through the digital catalogue below.

With Windstar Cruises’ Beyond Ordinary Care Health and Safety Protocols in place, as of today (August 5th, 2021), in both Greece and Tahiti, guests are able to leave the ship and discover the many beautiful ports on their own, and are (currently) not required to be in ‘bubble tours’.

Meanwhile, in other destinations guests are required to go ashore in a Windstar organized excursion, but since the situation changes constantly, this could change. Please contact me for the latest information or to plan your future cruise.


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