Travel off-the-beaten-track in Abruzzo Italy

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Cultural Experiences, Europe, Italy, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Travel

Abruzzo is a an off-the-beaten track region of Italy that you should add to your travel bucket list for when you feel comfortable and ready to travel abroad again, especially if you have your heart set on an Italian vacation. Whether it will be your first trip to Italy or your fifth, I recommend a long stay in Italy so you can immerse yourself in an off-the-beaten-track region like Abruzzo and still have time to see the country’s iconic cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence or Naples. 

A long stay is one of the most sustainable ways to travel and will ensure you not only create memories of a life time but will also help you make a positive impact on the communities in the destination.

If you’ve never been to Italy before, not only will a long stay give you time to visit the icons, such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples, but it will also give you time to explore some of the more off-the-beaten-track locations and/or immerse yourself in the culture of one particular region, such as Abruzzo, for several days or even weeks.

Located in central Italy on the east coast, Abruzzo is an off-the-beaten-track hidden gem filled with natural landscapes and nature reserves for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Surrounded by the Appenine mountains on one side and azure blue waters and beautiful beaches on the other, Abruzzo is also dotted with ancient fortresses and artifacts, medieval mountain villages, and stunning architectural monuments to delight the history buffs too.

Travelling by train between the iconic cities and within Italy’s wonderful off-the-beaten-track regions, like Abruzzo, is probably the safest, most sustainable and flexible way to travel solo, especially if you purchase a flexible rail pass ahead of time.

Renting a car may be preferred if you’re travelling with your partner, mum/daughter or a gal pal or three, and you and your group feel comfortable driving, as it will give you even greater flexibility on your journey through Italy.

Exploring off-the-beaten-track regions, such as Abruzzo, for a week or more, and travelling in the off-season or shoulder seasons, are two more ways to ensure your trip is sustainable. Abruzzo has a surprising number of activities you can experiences that are equal to any of those to be had in Italy’s cities (watch video to see just a few).

No matter what mode of transport you opt for and which activities you want to experience on your trip, ensure you have accommodation booked for each night of your stay, especially if you’re travelling solo and/or in high season. Create a travel itinerary that allows enough time between destinations along your route for side tours to hidden gems, such as Rocco Calascio Fortress, Abruzzo National Park or the abandoned village of Fareone.

Ideally, you’ll want to plan your journey ahead of time with a travel planner who specializes in Italy, who can provide insight into some of the hidden gems worth visiting as well as activities available at each destination on your route. A travel planner will also have your back in case you need to change your plans at the last minute and can often provide a concierge or private guide to show you all the best bits without having to wait in line.


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