4 reasons why you don’t want to go on an ocean cruise

Do you say no to going on an ocean cruise?

If your family, friends or significant other have asked you to go on an ocean cruise in the past and you’ve turned them down, there have probably been a multitude of reasons floating round your head why you didn’t want to go.

Some of those reasons might be, cruise ships are too crowded, there’s nothing to do between ports, you can’t afford to go on a cruise. Or perhaps you’ve had concerns about health, safety and the environment too. You may have heard things that have put you off even contemplating a cruise. If the following four reasons are why you don’t want to go on an ocean cruise, you might actually be surprised.

I don’t want to go on a cruise, I’m worried the ship may sink!

Actually, cruising is one of the safest forms of transport. According to CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), in 2016, there were only 0.05 cruise fatalities per billion passenger miles compared with 4.16 car fatalities. In 2013, there were 212.79 motorcycles fatalities, 33.29 truck fatalities, and 8.78 US rail fatalities per billion passenger miles. The likelihood of your cruise ship sinking is slim to none!

If I go on an ocean cruise, I won’t be safe while I’m out at sea!

Be sure to book your cruise with a member of CLIA. All CLIA members must follow rigorous safety precautions to ensure safety at sea. For instance, all crew members must undergo first aid and medical emergency training. CLIA member cruise lines are heavily scrutinized and are constantly improving. There must be enough lifeboats and life rafts on board to accommodate 125% of people, they must be regularly tested and meet rigorous international guidelines. Because of the new rules, regulations and technological innovations cruise ships are safer today than ever before.

Cruise ship passing Hilo, Hawaii by Marcel Fuentes

I’ve heard a lot of people get Novovirus on cruise ships. I’m worried I might get sick!

Actually, there is less than a 0.2% chance of you getting Novovirus on board a cruise ship. Although there are about 20 million cases of Norovirus a year, gastrointestinal diseases, including Novovirus, are quite rare on ships. Apparently, you’re 15 times more likely to get it on land. Even if there is an outbreak on your ship, there is only a 1 in 5,500 chance of you getting it too. The best way to prevent Novovirus is by washing your hands frequently and taking good care of yourself by getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water.

I’m worried about the impact on the environment!

CLIA members take a lot of measures to reduce their impact on the environment. For instance, to help the environment and to reduce energy consumption, they use heat exchangers that use steam generated from engines to produce water for onboard use and to heat cabins. Cruise lines also recycle 80,000 tons annually (paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans). There are also policies in place to make sure cruise ships are safe, secure and healthy. This includes revised waste management policies, reduced air emissions and advanced treatment systems that help the environment.

Still worried about going on an ocean cruise?

Have you given any of the above four reasons as to why you don’t want to go on an ocean cruise? Still think you can’t go on an ocean cruise for health and safety reasons? Comment below or email me at kcoleman@tpi.ca if you still have concerns or questions. I’d be happy to help with any answers. Watch this video to see the cruise industry’s Environmental Efforts.


Next week I will share 4 reasons why you SHOULD consider going on an ocean cruise for your next vacation.


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