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Experience The World

One Bucket List Destination at a Time

Are you female, 40+, single or with a partner who can’t or won’t travel with you, and want a truly immersive travel experience?

I help arrange immersive travel experiences for women and small groups who want a trip that incorporates their specific interests, including adventure, wildlife, nature, culture, history & food. Whether you are travelling solo, with family members or your gal pals, my goal is to arrange the perfect tour that fits your needs & desires and help you check off your bucket list one destination at a time.

Stop Dreaming…

Dreaming about the next destination you want to cross off your bucket list?

Hi…My name is Karen Coleman and I’m a Destination Travel Specialist with Kaz Custom Travel (a Travel Professionals International affiliate).

I assist women and small groups (including couples) with their travel arrangements ensuring they incorporate their specific interests, needs and desires and result in a truly immersive travel experience.

My own specific travel interests are varied, ranging from geology & landscapes, nature & wildlife, history & culture, food & drink, soft adventure and outdoor activities so I can relate with other women who have varied travel interests too.

I specialize in Australia and Great Britain (where I was born), as well as volcanic islands around the world, including Hawaii, Fiji, St Kitts, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Iceland. I’ll be adding New Zealand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and the Galapagos to my destination specialties. (Yes, I love volcanic landscapes of any kind!)

My goal is to create customized travel experiences for women 40+ who have the freedom (and money) to travel but are either single or have partners who can’t or won’t travel with them. My ultimate goal is to help women experience the world one bucket list destination at a time!

Icelandic Horse

Stop Dreaming…Start Planning!

Have you been dreaming of hiking the Inca Trail, biking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, bush walking in Australia, a rail trip in New Zealand or strolling through Royal parks in England?

Whether you’re looking for an island-hopping adventure in Hawaii, Fiji or the Canaries, an escorted tour in South East Asia or South America, a safari in Africa, a self-drive tour in Iceland, Australia, New Zealand or the UK, or a fully independent tour through Europe, Kaz Custom Travel can help plan, create and arrange everything needed for a truly authentic and immersive travel experience.

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