Customized Travel Planning for Female Adventure Seekers

Kaz Custom Travel offers Customized Travel Planning for Female Adventure Seekers with a focus on Safe and Sustainable Women Only Adventures, including independent road and rail journeys, walking or biking tours, wildlife safaris, and bucket list cruises. We love to help Solo Female Travellers, Moms & Daughters, Couples, Adult Families and Women’s Groups create the most memorable travel experiences possible.

Helping women experience the world safely & sustainably

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Specializing in Women Only Adventures and Bucket List Cruises

Experience the World Safely & Sustainably
Want to experience the world, but not sure which destination to explore first? Have a destination in mind but don’t know which cruise line to pick? Want to plan your first solo adventure and you’re worried about safety?

If this is your first solo female adventure, or you’re exhausted just thinking about planning an adventure the other side of the world or bucket list cruise, I’m here to help from start to finish. I offer tailored travel planning services, especially for women 50+, who may be travelling solo for the first time and wish to travel independently, cruise solo or join an escorted group (or even a combination of all three). My planning services include researching destinations and suppliers to find the best options for you, communicating your requirements and wishes, creating a custom itinerary, reserving all trip components with service providers, and providing customer support before, during and after your trip.

Let me help you plan your next (or first) women only adventure or bucket list cruise


Women Only Adventures for Solo Female Travellers

Need some travel inspiration?

Whether you’re dreaming of exploring the world by road or rail, on foot, by bike or on the water, as a Trevello Travel Group affiliate, Kaz Custom Travel has access to hundreds of travel suppliers that specialize in independent travel, road or rail journeys, self-guided walking or biking tours, ocean and river cruises, solo travel or escorted group travel. Specializing in women only adventures, my role is to help women plan their trips from start to finish and my goal is to provide the safest and most sustainable options possible within their budget. Explore some of the destinations where I have specialist knowledge and/or personally experienced.


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4 Steps to working with Kaz Custom Travel to plan your next Adventure Around the World

Whether you prefer to travel independently, join an escorted group, go on a bucket list cruise with your honey, explore Europe by rail with your mom, daughter or best friend, or you need help planning a family vacation, I’m here to help. If you’re looking for tailored travel planning, there are 4 steps to working with me. Check them out below.

Hover over or click each card to see the four steps to working with Kaz Custom Travel.

Step 1

Discovery Call

Schedule a Consultation

The first step to working with Kaz Custom Travel is to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation to discuss your travel plans and trip requirements. If you decide to work with me at the end of our discovery call, I will let you know how much my planning fee will be based on our discussion.

Step 2

Trip Proposal

Research, Plan, Create

The next step is where I do a ton of research and planning to create a trip proposal to match your travel needs, interests, desires and budget. I will also make recommendations and suggestions you may not have thought of and we'll iron out all the details until you’re happy with the itinerary and costs involved.

Step 3

Travel Arrangements

Reservations & Payments

Once you are happy with the trip proposal, the next step will be to book all trip components with suppliers and confirm all travel arrangements, costs and due dates, as well as travel insurance to protect your investment. During this step, we'll also finalize the itinerary, provide travel tips, and create a payment schedule.

Step 4

Customer Service

Liaise with Suppliers

From the moment you hire me to planyour trip, I will take care of all your travel details, provide all relevant travel information and supplier documents (tickets, vouchers, passes), and liaise with service providers before, during and after your trip to ensure your experience goes beyond your wildest expectations.

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Travel more consciously

You’ve probably heard the buzz words “sustainable tourism” or “sustainable travel,” but travelling consciously is more about our own mindset than it is about doing something because it’s a new trend.

If we can all travel more consciously, meaning being more mindful of the impact we make on those destinations we so desperately want to explore, everyone will benefit—the locals, the wildlife, the environment and you, as well as future generations of travellers.

Conscious travel is all about connecting with and supporting local communities, respecting different cultures and individuality, as well as protecting the wildlife and the environment. It’s about making a positive impact when we travel rather than a negative one.

If you’re of the mindset that you’d like to make a more positive impact when you travel and need ideas on how to do so, download my fun infographic on 6 things you can do to travel more consciously.


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